Eat good. Do good.

Eat good. Do good. Not just a motto.

When we say Community Matters, we mean that BITES is about more than just good food. Eat good. Do good. isn't just a motto. It's at the core of what we do, and why we do it. Our community mission is: "To create positive impact through our business, and to establish a sustainable and positive presence wherever we are." That's why we are centering Community in how we do things.


BITES Langley Park has partnered with the Langley Park Civic Association to support their mission: to uplift the quality of life for the residents of Langley Park and improve the community and its neighboring jurisdictions. The Langley Park Civic Association & BITES Langley Park Partnership is geared toward supporting the community of Langley Park.

You can learn more about the Langley Park Civic Association and the work that they do at their Facebook page here.

Host a School Fundraiser with BITES Langley Park

As part of our mission to Eat good. Do good., BITES Langley Park partners with schools, teams, and organizations in the area to offer fundraising opportunities and to host benefit events. To learn more about our fundraisers, click here: BITES Langley Park school fundraisers and fundraising for other activities.
Fundraise with BITES

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Eat good.