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Host a School Fundraiser with BITES Langley Park

If a restaurant fundraiser is the right option for your organization, BITES hosts fundraisers for selected schools and teams and gives back up to 25% of event sales.

If you are looking for a restaurant school fundraiser partnership in the Langley Park, Hyattsville, Adelphi area, BITES Langley Park is the answer.

We partner with schools, clubs, and organizations and community activities for fundraising goals. School fundraisers and restaurant partnerships can be confusing, and finding the option that is best for your organization can be a challenge.

We make it simple to raise money, while also making sure your supporters are having fun. BITES Langley Park School Fundraising ideas with us can include:

  • Simple Restaurant Fundraiser – You pick a date, we set up a fundraising night where we donate funds to your school or organization from the proceeds
  • Raffles / BITES NITE – Hosting a simple BITES NITE at our location, and then holding a silent auction or raffle fundraiser on site
  • BITES T0shirts – Partnering with BITES to create t-shirts for your school, team, or organization, and selling the t-shirts for fundraising

If a restaurant fundraiser is right for your school, organization, activity, or program, BITES Langley Park can work with you. We offer various options, including a simple fundraiser that gives back up to 25% of event sales (subject to achievement of a minimum level of total event sales, and excluding alcohol/bar sales).

BITES Langley Park is an especially great option for school and team fundraising because it is the perfect place for families and students of all ages. All our food is delicious, customizable, and we have a wonderful space for people to hang out. If you are ready to set up your first fundraiser, email us now at, or visit the contact page.

When you’re ready to set up your back to school fundraiser with BITES, here are some tips and tricks for how to host a successful fundraiser for your school or team:

  1. Reach out to us. The first step is getting in touch! Figure out what you would like to raise funds for. If you are a school, a PTA can fundraise with us. Schools can also raise money with the purpose of purchasing supplies for students, or making a renovation or major purchase.
  2. Pick a date that works for most people. Before you dive into planning the school fundraiser or community fundraiser, check to make sure you're picking a date that works for as many people as you can! If you are a school, a helpful tip is to touch base with your PTA and sports team coaches, or consult the school calendar, to be sure you don't create overlapping events. You want to make sure you get a good turnout!
  3. Mark the event in your organization's calendar. Once we are set up for your event and we have approved the fundraiser, make sure the leaders of your school, team, or organization know the date and have it marked! That way there's time to share the information with the staff, students, community, etc. This also makes sure people have more time to be prepared, and the more supporters there will be at the event.
  4. Promote like crazy! The bigger the turnout, the more fun the event, and just as importantly, the more money you will raise. Some ideas: promote on your social media channels.
    You should certainly promote from your organization's official accounts, but also be sure to re-share and re-gram to your personal accounts to get the word out!
    You can tag us on Instagram @BITESDMV and use the hashtag #GetSomeBITES – and tag your school, team, or organization's  accounts too, as appropriate.
    Important note: Please be sure not to misrepresent your fundraiser on social media, and remember regular rules and policies still apply (for example, we will never serve alcohol to a minor at our bar!).
    Ultimately, the more you publicize the event, the better the turnout, and the more funds you will raise!

Whether you're planning a back-to-school fundraiser, raising funds for your sports team's for new uniforms, raising money for a particular purchase or renovation for your school or organization, we hope this is a helpful guide and we look forward to helping your organization raise funds for your back to school needs.

To partner with BITES, please email us at

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