Sizzlys Hot Dogs

Sizzlys Hot Dogs at BITES Food Court + Bar Langley Park classic hot dogs and corn dogs for whenever the craving strikes. Try our classic hot dog, spicy dog, cheesy bacon dog, custom make your own DIY hot dog, or for the extra bold, try The Sizzly Dog (wildly spicy, with ghost pepper – if you dare!). When you're in the Langley Park, Hyattsville, College Park, Adelphi, or Silver Spring area, and you're craving a hot dog, come to Sizzlys!

Sizzlys Hot Dogs Menu

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Sizzlys Hot Dogs at BITES Food Court + Bar also shares a snack menu with BITES BAR & GRILL, and SmoothieFRESH Bubble Tea, both also inside of BITES Food Court + Bar.

More items available in store and through online ordering!

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