BITES Langley Park

SmoothieFRESH Bubble Tea Menus

Below are some of our featured smoothies and bubble teas. There are more options available in person. You can also view a combined menu for SmoothieFRESH Bubble Tea and our bar by clicking here.

BITES BAR La Cantina

As the BITES BAR La Cantina is a bar, we cannot place any of the items from the bar for sale online. However, you can view a combined menu for the bar and SmoothieFRESH Bubble Tea by clicking here.

Below is a graphic with some of our featured mixed drinks/cocktails you can order in person!

Charleys Philly Steaks & Wings

The entire Charleys menu is viewable and shop-able – simply Click here!

Clicking the link above will take you to the complete, current Charleys Philly Steaks & Wings at BITES Food Court + Bar in Langley Park menu directly from the Charleys site.

NOTE: The Charleys menu below is not current, but is a screenshot of how the order page looked as of October 2021. Again, shop Charleys now by clicking here!